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Market Memories

Last weekend I wandered around the market in Apt and took in the sights and sounds and colors and smells and energy. I love a good marche aux puces (flea market) and there were some treasures at this one.

Somehow, though, I managed to escape without buying anything (except a few more linen dresses! ha!)

Flowers, breads, fruits...all in big piles of lovely colors and textures. Luckily my wonderful little hometown, Bedford, has a fantastic summer farmers' market so I won't have to give up on all this luscious produce and prettiness.

The towns in this area are known for their fruit-related sweets and confitures (jellies and jams). This beautiful chunk of cherry and almond nougat cried out to me a bit.

A few weeks ago we had the chance to go to L'Isle Sur la Sorgue for a Sunday market and there was a lot to see. The brocante (antique) market was in town, too. Right up my alley.

Oh, and don't those cupcakes look divine??? Perfect paired with an Orangina! ha!

On that note, I'm going to get back to work on some final portfolio projects for drawing class as I sit here on the patio at Pitot with my friend Claire! We are in two classes together so have shared lots of fun (and sweaty) times together this summer. She's a printmaking major from Atlanta. We both have hoards of art supplies and like trying cool new techniques. She made some watercolor monoprints on some luxurious handmade paper and is embroidering them. I, on the other hand, am working digitally and spent a lot of the afternoon working on creating the perfect rhinoceros beetle.

A bientot!


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