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Shiloh's Pantry

Shiloh's Pantry is a curated specialty food brand that inspires the art of charcuterie boardscaping along with featuring the best in Pennsylvania's farm-grown specialties combined with personalized imported products from around the world. Shiloh, our brass mouse master curator, stands behind this brand as a unique mix of flavors and fun.


Specialty Publication, "Sweet & Savory"

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Specialty Publication

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Celebrating special taste memories

This one-issue specialty publication introduces the delight of charcuterie and associated specialty foods to the audience. A combination of rich food photography, scene-setting images, and personal tales of tasty explorations creates a unique experience for the viewer. Features that speak to the relationship we have with food and the special moments we create while sharing delicious things set the stage for consumers to look for Shiloh's Pantry's offerings.


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As you walk through the shelves of your favorite specialty foods shop, the Shiloh's Pantry packaging with it's specialized orange grabs you visually and then holds you as you explore the delightful and delicious contents within. Pickled produce jars, spice containers, and dried fruit packages are samples of the brand's presence on the shelf.

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Logo System

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