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Weaving Grievances

This was a group project for Social Issues & Graphic Design which was eye-opening in many ways through researching issues both local and global as well as being exposed to the experiences and perspectives of my classmates. My favorite part, other than feeling like a better global citizen, has been seeing all our voices and ideas coalesce into one thoughtful product. We all bring different experiences and perspectives to bear on these issues so we’ll now move on with a new appreciation. Our small cohort is just one sample of how with creativity and communication we can all learn more about how to make the world a better place. I hope viewers will also take the opportunity to see issues around them differently. Whether it’s buying one less water bottle or adopting a new puppy instead of buying one from a breeder, these are the small things that create ripples through the woven connections of our world.

Thanks to my group mates: Brittany Woodhead, Kristen Zulueta, Morgan McMillian, Lydia Manter, and Alex Edwards for the shared contributions. A special thank you to Professor Mary Ann Casem for inspiration and orchestrating the final deliverables. 

Weaving Grievances Cover - Lydia Manter



Companion Book



As a group, we chose six topics related to social or environmental issues: Climate Change, Water, Food, Animals, People, and Energy. Then, we deconflicted our ideas so that we all got to address one issue under each topic. Thus, the six of us developed six panels for our quilt, all demonstrating our own concepts and styles. We used a coordinated color palette to ensure a cohesive whole to our woven result. Our 36 squares are "sewn" together for the quilt.

My six squares are:

  • Climate change: wind 

  • Food: nutrition

  • Water: plastic bottles

  • People: kindness

  • Animals: spotted lanternfly

  • Energy: LED lightbulbs

Weaving Grievances Quilt Mockup
Back Cover 2.png


To enhance the presentation of the quilt, we created a companion book, which includes spreads from each of us on our specific issues with additional copy. It allowed each of us to explore the impacts of these various topics and share messages of both devastation and hope in the pages. I also had the opportunity to provide the section divider pages with a typographic solution.

WG book spreads_Page_01.png
White Brick Wall


Weaving Grievances Final Poster with Text_0.1x.jpg
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