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This project shines a light on overconsumption, from a personal perspective. Inspired by the book, “The Day the World Stops Shopping” by J.D. McKinnon, I took a look at some of my own consumption habits, learned more about how “stuff” impacts the planet, and made a call for change.


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Using a tabloid-style format, this one-time publication introduces the viewer to the concept of overconsumption through a series of articles. These personal stories writing in a blog-like format provide insight into the ways I am looking at my spending and consumption habits while better understanding the impacts they have on society and the planet.

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Starting the journey

The primary content of the Overstuffed website is a blog that presents the personal articles about being overstuffed by consumption. Using previous blogging experience, I created fun, interesting, and though-provoking posts that, I hope, will get readers to dig in and learn more. There is also a robust “learn” page that shares links to the resources I’ve found so helpful during my own discovery journey.

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Embracing the world of social media for messaging our target audience, we've used images of excess and a simple-to-remember tag to help create a movement.

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