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Limited Edition Jewelry

Working with my friend Juli, through her Bedford boutique called Juli's Wearable Art, we've come up with wonderful handmade Foterra jewelry collections featuring my artwork! 

Each piece is handmade out of sterling silver by the folks at Foterra in Portland, Oregon. Click on the buttons to shop at the Juli's Wearable Art website for these pieces!



This was some sketchbook joy while playing with crayons and markers. The big colors and fun shapes just make me happy and I love how they look in these finished pieces!

JW Bright Crescent Necklace.png

"Bright" Crescent Necklace

JW Bright Circle Bracelet.png

"Bright" Chain Bracelet

JW Bright Crescent Earrings.png

"Bright" Long Crescent Earrings



Getting in the mood for turkey and leaves and sweaters and fall and festivals and raking and jeans and get the vibe.

JW Autumn Fan Necklace.png

"Autumn" Fan Necklace

JW Autumn Bar Bracelet.png

"Autumn" Chain Bracelet

JW Autumn Fan Earrings.png

"Autumn" Fan Earrings



I got into the groove for a solo show at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in Bedford and this is one of my freshest pieces. Love how the lines work on these jewelry pieces!

Spring - Jen Judd.jpg
JW Spring Med Teardrop Necklace copy (1).jpg

"Spring" Teardrop Necklace

_Spring_ SS Bracelet.jpg

"Spring" Bar Bracelet 

JW Spring Long Teardrop Earrings copy (1).jpg

"Spring" Teardrop Earrings


Number 15

This is actually a piece from a show back in 2017. I was really inspired by how the dark background made the texture and color sing. Love the surfboard shapes of the jewelry and how they contrast with the lines in the art.

pic 15 (1 of 1).jpg
JW Number 15 Surf Necklace (1).jpg

"Number 15" Surf Necklace

JW Number 15 Surf Bracelet.jpg

"Number 15" Surf Bracelet 

JW Number 15 Surf Earrings (1).jpg

"Number 15" Surf Earrings

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