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Writing Wisdom

fountain pen_edited.png

This project originally started as an exhibit for a fictional "Wisdom Museum" as an attempt to focus on cultural and artistic topics that might eventually be lost without a conscious effort to capture and reflect them. This look at calligraphy includes inspiration from around the world, including historical references, tools and contemporary artwork.


Coffee Table Book

Exhibit Poster

Coffee Table Book


More than beautiful handwriting

In support of the exhibit, an over-sized coffee table book provides a look at the history of calligraphy, samples from a variety of cultural influences, and some highlights of contemporary calligraphic artists. 

Using historically accurate representations, the history incorporates three primary calligraphic traditions: Roman, Chinese, and Arabic. Each line of writing and alphabets evolved in different areas of the globe, but where leading us to the same end of a human ability to communicate.

Poster Final with Dates3_0.3x.png

Putting the theme of the exhibit together with several alphabets, including Arabic and Chinese characters, provides a taste of what is to come in the "cultural journey" of the exhibit, even though it is fictional. I love the splash of ink that lends texture and color.

Exhibit Poster

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