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ABC's of Charcuterie

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Print Collection


Sticker Sheet


Isn’t “abcedarium” a fantastic word? To make this ABC set even more special, each letter is paired with a hand-made collage of something that plays well in the world of charcuterie boards. If you’re sensing a bit of an obsession with meat and cheese, well, you might be onto something. 

Print Collection

What started out as a simple booklet evolved into a set of 26 individual prints that celebrate all that is wonderful in the world of charcuterie boards from A to Z. From the humblest of sausages to exotic sweets from around the world, each print embraces the color and texture of collage while expressing a love of great food. 


A complete view of the collection

With the whole abcedarium on display in one poster, we have a dramatic, colorful statement about the charcuterie world. This puts the entire set of 26 individual letters together with cover imagery to create a “wow” piece for display in your favorite food or wine venue.

Portfolio abc poster.jpg
Portfolio Poster on a kitchen wall_0.3x.png
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Waterbottle with stickers on it.png

Salami and grapes for your water bottle? Of course! This sheet of stickers features some of the collage illustration pieces of olives, meats, fruits and cheeses. All for some foodie fun.

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