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Adventures in Lyon

Ben is here! Found him at the rail station on Saturday after his own travels in Paris and Annecy. He's a para-glider pilot so did a lot of flying in the Alps over the past week. We settled into our little apartment on La Rue de Baleine (Whale Street) and have been out adventuring.

Took a biking tour of the Parc Tete d'Or and got to see some beautiful sights along the river and then at the zoo. It was my first time on an e-bike that had some assist and I only had a few issues. haaaaa. This is a busy place so dodging in and out of the bike lanes was a bit of a challenge. Oh, and it was 100 degrees, hence my glow.

We took a boat cruise tour down the Saone towards the Confluence museum and thoroughly enjoyed the breeze since it is still record-breaking hot. The variety of architecture along the river was really interesting. Then we took the funicular up to the Basilica de Fourviere so we could explore the Roman ruins up in that area. The museum associated with the coliseum was nicely done--and very cool inside, so I was a fan. Can't forget cocktails at the Gadagne, which is also the marionette museum and then dinner outside at Les Ventres Jaunes.

Time to get moving on another day. Baguette, pain au chocolate and coffee already checked off the list. Now it's time to go!


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