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Amazing Views and New Perspectives

So much wandering and wondering. This view was from the top of a hike in Saint Saturnin les Apt during a drawing adventure last week. We were on a mission to "abstract" our surroundings for the next assignment.

It was a reasonable 80-ish degree day, for a change, so I didn't feel like I was going to melt off the side of the cliff. One of the best parts about this whole experience is getting to be around other creative people. We spend time experimenting, sharing supplies, brainstorming and then making messes. I didn't realize how much I'm missing that part of learning in the on-line world.

I like to think that I'm low maintenance, but when it comes to drawing supplies, I'm like most of my peers...we are carrying everything but the kitchen sink. Colored pencils might come in handy. But, what about watercolors? Oh, and I may need these 18 different markers since you never know if you'll want a think or a thin line. And don't forget the grey scale markers. Just in case. It's hilarious. No wonder I'm sweating. My backpack weighs a ton.

And, just in case you wonder if all I do is skip around the countryside, here's a pic of me at work in our SCADPro office. One of the classes that I'm taking this summer is focused on a collaborative relationship with a commercial partner. Our client/partner is Wendover Art Group, from Largo, Florida. It has been fun to dig into some of my other life experiences as a industrial/organizational psychologist. We are doing research on creative spaces and artists' processes so surveys and interviews and presentations are all part of the plan.

I'm trying to learn to use lots of new digital tools like Miro (for collaboration) or Qualtrics (for survey analysis) but frankly I'm still a big fan of the notebook (grid-ruled) and a pencil (mechanical with not-too-thick lead). Can a luddite be high maintenance? ha! Apparently!

Off to luncheon...salut to a great week!

A bientot


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