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Drawing Day in Menerbes

We started this week in the midst of a drought and a heat wave, so what better idea than to go out into it and explore a small medieval village?! It was sweltering, but the scenery was still amazing and we found some shaded spots to relax, observe, and sketch.

I love these views overlooking the fields of Provencal crops. I know we have beautiful land like this in Pennsylvania, so I should probably go out and explore more. Within the village, we saw a lovely old catholic church as well as some interesting art along alleys and in the main square.

In this picture of a faded painting on a wall, you can see remnants of work by painter Joe Downing, who was originally from Kentucky but settled in Menerbes.

I am very good at taking pictures...haaaaaaa

These are some of the macro and micro views we had of the town and the vista, along with a couple of pen sketches. I was all settled in sitting on the curb with a pile of art supplies but had forgotten my paints, so everything is linework for the day. It was a good change and a bit of a challenge.

Since we were on a school trip, we couldn't take advantage of the plethora of nearby vineyards, but we did stop off at the Domaine de Citadelle to check out some of their more unique offerings. They have Le Musee du Tire Bouchon on site...that's the museum of corkscrews. It was fantastic (and it was air conditioned!) Then we wandered into their botanical gardens that featured wonderfully organized and tagged varieties of aromatic and medicinal herbs.

On that note, even though I'm writing about being hot, sweaty and tired from a couple of days ago, I'm hot, sweaty and tired today, too. So, it's time to get back to finishing up some group projects that are due tomorrow. Remember how fun group projects are? They've gotten even better because now I have to figure out new collaboration software and such. Old dog + new tricks = headache.

Au revoir!


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