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Pitot - Where I Live

I live in a little terraced area that is surrounded by fruit trees--figs and plums--and grapevines and lavender and flowers and bees and birds. It is so lovely! I wake up each morning and walk out the little door at number 4 and stand a bit, sniffing the fresh smells, and reveling in the fact that I am in France. So cool.

This is what our little village looks like...the map is on the wall in the midst of town...I'm in the neighborhood just under the chateau (i.e. the castle at the top). It's hard to visualize, I know, but the chateau is basically at the top of the hill and the village spreads out below it. All the little stone pathways are like a fun maze that takes us up and down, depending on whether it's meal time, we are out drawing, or we are heading to class. My buns of steel are still a work in progress.

And my final shot for sharing today is this pretty little butterfly hanging out in the neighborhood. I braved serious bee buzzing to get that close, but that intricate lovely wing pattern was worth it! And I didn't get stung!

(I just had to take a break from writing because I heard a cat outside my bedroom door...apparently the neighborhood cat, named Melon, walked into the kitchen! ha! The door was open a crack and she took a shot. Sorry, lovey...back outside.)

Bon soir


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Debbie Weyand Mock
Debbie Weyand Mock
Jul 04, 2022

How nice that you are able to live and be a part of this community, even if only for a few weeks. Much better than just being there as a tourist for a few days.


It looks so beautiful there. The butterfly wing is so unusual. It looks like a stained glass pattern or a mosaic. Love your blogs.

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