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Bits of Lyonnaise Inspiration

Funky Design.

Our apartment in Lyon was right in the middle of a busy square in Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon) so we walked right out the door on the first floor through a busy cafe and into Place de Les Baleine. These are pics of the living space that was designed by the owner. One of his favorite places to shop for cool stuff is the flea market, aka Les Puces de Canal. I got a chance to train over there for some browsing and came up with some treasures for collaging and such during my drawing class this summer.

Street Art.

Loved these colorful little mosaics used to patch parts of broken sidewalks in Lyon. Plus, there was lots of graffiti and creative mark-making on just about every street. Some more interesting than others, for sure, but always colorful.

Night Views.

Wandering over bridges in Lyon or the view from our apartment of the Basilica. The city stayed beautiful all night. It didn't get dark until around 10pm so the street life down in the square below went well into the night below our fourth floor open windows.

We are in Nice again for today and I head off on the train for Marseille to meet up with my SCAD classmates tomorrow. I can't believe it's almost time to start! Wish me luck surviving another day of walking and walking and walking. haaaaaaa

A bientot!


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