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Hockney & Matisse in Nice

This art piece is:

a) a rendering of me laying under a fan bitching about being hot and my feet hurting.

b) what I imagine I look like laying on the beach (except in Nice, which is all pebbly and not sandy)

c) a drawing by Henri Matisse on display at the Musee Matisse in Nice.

If you guessed C you would be right, but I think it's quite a likeness to my body in it's "tres chaud" position. haaaaaaa

It was a bit of a rainy day, so we decided to make our way to the Musee Matisse and check out a special exhibit featuring his work alongside that of David Hockney called "Un Paradis Retrouve." One of my favorite classes at SCAD so far was 20th Century Art History. I loved delving deeper into artists I'd heard of or seen but didn't know much about. This exhibit was organized in such a way that helped show the unique perspectives they each had of similar subjects. One of the best parts was Hockney's 2021 series called "Fresh Flowers" that he actually did on an iPad. For anyone out there who works in digital art or even tries to play around in ProCreate or otherwise , you know that getting familiar with the massive variety of options and tools available can be overwhelming. I find it scary. haaaaaaa The way Hockney picked and used tools to create these works is just really amazing to me. All were printed and framed and hung in a series so the impact was wonderful.

And, of course, there were just some inspiring pieces of work throughout the exhibit that make me want to be more thoughtful about my application of the fundamental elements of design: line, shape, space, value, form, & texture.

Le Grande Plungeon by Matisse
Henri Matisse, Le Grande Plungeon

One of Matisse's Jeannettes along with some of Hockney's Fresh Flowers

On that note, I'm going to hit the hay in my new digs in Lacoste! I have so much more to say and show but it's finally dark on this solstice-y sort of night and I have a big first day of orientation stuff tomorrow so I need some sleepy time.

A bientot!


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Did Ben head stateside? Looks like you both had a lovely time together.

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