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Finished up my first week (already!) and have been so inspired by all that is around me...I have to share. As part of my Treasures of Provence class this week we took a walk through Lacoste looking at the details that make this town so special and unique. There is a path through the village that dates to the Romans, so we are walking in footsteps from thousands of years ago. While the doors and walls are relatively rustic, I enjoyed capturing some of the door hardware in its functional, yet beautiful, simplicity.

Different textures and patterns are all around and tie the historic to the present. Even a new wall construction site is using original stone masonry techniques.

Colors in bloom catch my eye at every turn. The lavender is a constant, but there are plenty of other flowering shrubs and trees, occurring naturally in fields and along the roads or in carefully curated gardens.

The view. Oh my. It's there all the time and you just can't help but stare out across the valley, appreciating the work of those folks who are harvesting grapes and cherries and lavender and olives and figs. Very few cars around the village means the cicadas and birds are the primary soundtrack.

I've had a couple of opportunities in my life to be in this sort of environment where everyone is in the same place with no car and there is a dining hall and linen exchange and a schedule of classes and activities. It's physically demanding and everyone joins together as a group for greater success. But, this time I don't have to wear a uniform and combat boots and I can sit in a chaise lounge watching the sun rise in Provence. Plus, there are a lot more naps here than in Basic Training or Officer Training School! ha!

A bientot!


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