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Joyeux Anniversaire!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Yesterday I turned 51 in France among wonderful new friends! This a card from some of the girls in my little Pitot neighborhood with special artwork by Jean, an amazing illustrator, demonstrating my love for baguettes and the near constant presence of a coffee cup in my hand.

I also had a total bonus birthday treat with my dear friend, Melanie, and her lovely daughter Maddie, who I've known for 20 years. Mel needed to take some time off from her post in Bujumbura and Maddie lives in Berlin so they figured it would be a great time to visit Provence and see where I was spending my days. That was a lovely Much to my dismay, we only had one evening together because I've been sick as a dog. It's some sort of major allergy deal so maybe the lavender (or cypress or oak or something) doesn't love me like I love them.

On a funny note, I had Mel stop at the pharmacie (since we don't have one in our little town) to get me some Sudafed. Alas, the pharmacist thought that was too strong and, instead, gave her tablets of oregano oil. So, I figured I'd give it a try and two days later I am still congested but I get to have tiny pesto-flavored burps. Sexy. That's how I roll at 51.

We draw a lot around here...go figure, we are all in a Travel Portfolio drawing class. This group, under the tour guiding and art mentoring of our professor, Susan Hopp (on the left side with the sunglasses), visited the town across the valley, Bonnieux, for a class of drawing on site. My girls are there, too...Claire, Meredith, Jean and Ari. We were happy to have some shade a bit of a breeze for most of the day. Plus, we got to have gelato...pistachio for the win. The other pics are some of my inspiration and random bits of progress in my sketchbook.

I'll leave you on that creative note for this Friday as I wait for my laundry to get through in the wash so I can go hang it on the line outside my cozy cabin. I've only gotten stung by a bee once so far and that was while putting laundry out to dry. Maybe it's a sign I should just pay two Euros and use a dryer.

Thanks so much for all the birthday love sent my way yesterday. Here's hoping we have less congestion and lots of cool breezes! Je suis une fille tres chanceuse!

A bientot!


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