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Just Another Friday Night

I live in the best little town. I grew up here then left for about 25 years and then moved back in 2016. I’m sitting on the porch right now, listening to the Friday night races (yes, Bedford has its own speedway) and thinking about how lucky I am since it’s not hot (being sweaty is not my fave) and my six-wick had-to-have citronella candle is keeping the bugs away (being bitten is not my fave).

My flowers are thriving and blooming like crazy! I think it’s because my mom watered them once and she has some sort of magic touch. Or it could be that I’ve actually watered them (almost) every day. I do not have a good track record with keeping my plants alive so my house sitter for the summer has his work cut out for him now that I’ve kept them alive for almost two weeks! Ha!


Had to take a break for a sec and live the small town dream…my sister and her dog, Gracie and my BFF and her husband and dog, Watson, happened to stop by at the same time and we got to watch the dogs play in the back yard for a while. I have a fence around my yard (with broken gates, of course) but have never really had a dog date here. I am truly a cat person at heart but I love watching them run and play and chew sticks. Frankie was watching from inside with a disgusted look on his face so he will probably be a nightmare tonight. Great.

And on that note I need to go get ready for tomorrow’s Downtown Bedford Art Walk. I’m planning to be doing some actual painting so I have a few WIP canvases, an easel and some paint picked out, but I’m sure I need more. As it turns out I’m a high-maintenance mixed media kind of girl. A cup with 18 brushes and 78 markers might not be enough. Haaaaaaa. Wish me luck getting it all downtown (two blocks away) without a UHaul.



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