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Making Drawerings

One of our pre-quarter assignments for my Travel Portfolio drawing class was to do some sketching, with whatever media we wanted, on our journey to Lacoste. I had my tools at the ready and have been trying to get something on paper everyday. I tell myself that if I don't draw today then I can't have drawn everyday. So, even if it's just a scribble or some notes, there's something going down in the journal (which was a lovely gift from my dear Texan friend, Lauren!)

In Lyon, the Basilica de Fourviere was always in sight at the top of the hill in Old Lyon so we saw it from many different vantage points. Lots of details and practicing quick drawing with a pen (Micron .03 for anyone who cares about those kinds of details). I want to get better at creating more differentiation in values. Thankfully that's what I'm going to school for! haaaaaaaaaaa

Here's a little one from our first evening in Nice when Ben decided to take a little dip in the Mediterranean. I spread out on the pebble beach and watched the crowds and listened to the waves. With the summer at peak, it still looks like the middle of the day after 8pm.

My new happy place in Pitot...up the hill and surrounded by too much pretty to describe! When I opened the door and stepped out this morning to go to breakfast, I felt a cool breeze, smelled the lavender, and then had a huge laugh with one of my roommates who was dancing in the courtyard celebrating her find of a fresh, sweet fig on our tree.

Yes, this is for real. Wow.

Wish me luck on my first day of class!

A bientot!


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