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Soeur en Sueur (Sweaty Sister)

Spent some time looking at food and art (and sweating a lot) on the last full day in Lyon yesterday. We are catching a train to Nice later this morning. There is a lot of tagging/graffiti throughout the city--some more interesting than others. I decided that I probably need to some up with my own tag, just in case, so I am the "soeur en sueur" or the "sweaty sister." haaaaaaaa.

We watched the Anthony Bourdain episode about Lyon last evening after our visit to Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse and looked at lots of food. We had a little lunch, too. Blue cheese ravioli and mussels. Yes, please. Lyon is one of the gastronomic capitals of the world and Chef Bocuse is one of the rock stars so we had to check out this indoor market that features some of the best local delicacies.

Later in the afternoon I journeyed over to the Musee de Beaux Arts to get inspired (and enjoy some air conditioning--thankfully old paintings need climate control! ha!) Here's a little collage of the color, line, texture, and compositions that I found inspiring as I set off on a full summer of making art.

So, food and pretty things...isn't that what France is all about? haaaaa. Oh, yes, wine, too. Rose has been the name of the game for us this week.

A Bientot


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